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Ideabrill at Alimentaria 2016

Alimentaria 2016


What is a Velin paper bag?



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Mission and values inspiring the Ortolani family business

With more than 35 years of experience behind it, Esseoquattro Spa, named Sorelle Ortolani Quattro after the four Ortolani sisters, is an innovative Italian maker of environmentally sustainable food packaging for all specific requirements. The Ortolani family has been working for years to teach consumers that every item of packaging is just as important as the food it contains.

The day will come when people will choose packaging the way they now choose food for their families.

This is the mission that has always inspired the rose team: consistency, transparency and attention to every little detail are the values underlying everything the company does.

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The food packaging by the rose team

When paper and bags are allies of food

Every item of Esseoquattro food packaging has a story to tell: the story of the great care, attention to detail and strict controls to which every product coming out of the company’s plant in Veneto is subjected. All the company’s packaging is high quality, tested by the QUASIAL group of Camerino University, and meets all the requirements of the applicable legislation.

  • The Patented

    Packaging and paper Ideabrill, studied for the best food shelf life.
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    The Patented
  • Advertising packaging

    The packaging as an advertising vehicle to achieve excellent results in little time
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    Advertising Packaging


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